Jeanne and Bryan at The Stockade Inn
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Monday, February 27, 2012
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We started off our 2012 season with Jeanne and Bryan's wedding at The Stockade Inn in Schenectady. I was really excited about doing a winter wedding, especially at the Stockade Inn right after the holidays - it has been a while since we've been there. Unfortuantely, there wasn't any snow, It was a beautiful day weather wise and the Inn was as beautiful as ever!

Bryan was sporting a tux from one of our local favorites Tuxego and was looking quite handsome! Jeanne was absolutely stunning thanks to the crew over at Make Me Fabulous.

Jeanne and Bryan are an awesome couple and it was easy to see how in love they are. We really enjoyed being a part of their day. Their guests and families made the night very easy on us. It was a great way to kick off our 2012 Wedding season!

Congratulations again guys!! 

I really love shooting detail shots... here's a few of my favorites. 


The locket Jeanne wore was something that has been passed down through her family, and several family members before her had worn it at their own weddings so it has very special meaning. Check out her something blue - very classic.


Loving the bling!!


The Stockade Inn is just beautiful. There are so many great spots to shoot!


We had a few minutes before the cermony started, so we got a few quick shots of Jeanne before she headed downstairs to tie the knot. She looked amazing!!

Time to say "I do"!!





This little guy came down next to me right around the time of the first kiss.... I am curious to see how his shots came out! :)


After the ceremony we took a little time to photograph the newlyweds. I was psyched to see some of the holiday decorations still in place. Here's a few favorites.




I think everyone can agree that it gets dark way too early in the winter time! Despite that, it makes for some very romantic shots... here's a few we snagged right after the ceremony.


Then it was time to get the party going.


First dance as husband and wife! (The lighting in the reception area of The Stockade Inn is awesome!)


I really enjoy it when kids are at the reception. They have so much fun. I think we adults can take some lessons from these kids. We need to learn to relax and let loose more often. I know I do! :)


We got a lot of fun photos of this little girl - she was adorable and loved smiling for the camera. Thanks for all the smiles cutie pie!!! :)



Both Jeanne and Bryan were out on the dance floor a lot - I loved that! I think this shot of Jeanne perfectly experesses how much fun they had on their day. Jeanne - you've got a great smile!! :)



I will leave the rest for Jeanne and Bryan to share with their friends and family and I will end with these last shots that we snuck out to shoot during the reception.
Thanks again for guys allowing us to be a part of your very special day! We are so happy for you guys!
Congratulations again!!! 

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MA - Beautiful!
deborah mrozinski - I'm crying like I'm the mother of the bride ...
Simply beautiful sweethearts . <3
Jessica - Congratulations Jeanne and Bryan!!!