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Sunday, April 22, 2012
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Engagement photos are a must have for any engaged couple.

We always suggest a session to our brides and grooms. Several say "definitely gotta do it." Others say, no, we don't need more photos of ourselves, or _____ (insert groom name here, haha) isn't interested in that. Sometimes our brides and grooms live pretty far away, so they look for a photographer close to their home. Other times, we are told that they are going to do photos, but they have a friend who can take them for them. I have to admit that that is my least favorite answer; and I'm pretty sure every other photographer out there will say the same thing. 

While I say engagement photos are a must have for any future bride and groom, what I really mean is that it is a must have with the photographer who is shooting your wedding. (Unless of course you have a friend who is also a professional photographer that you would have hired for your wedding, but couldn't because they are actually going to be in your wedding.) 

When you decide to book us for your wedding, we always encourage an engagement photo session with us. We never push it on you, but we will explain it's importance. There are a lot of good reasons why an engagement session with your wedding photographer is really important. Here's a few:

- It helps us get to know you better. The last thing we ever want to do is go into a wedding without really knowing our couple. We always try and get to know our brides and grooms during their planning process, but if we do your engagement session, we will learn so much more about you than what Facebook "stalking" might tell us. :)
- It helps you get to know us better. You'll see how we shoot, learn our style and how we work together (and of course, you'll love it).
- It will make you more comfortable in front of a camera. The less awkward you are on your wedding day, the better.
- What better way to show off your new bling than with some photos?!
- Celebrate this special time of love and excitement and create a memory before the special day that you can share with your friends and family. Let us give you quality images that you'll cherish.

Now, with that being said; I've compiled a few of my favorite engagement photos and am including them below. We've done tons of sessions and have worked with a lot of great couples so I could post hundreds of photos here, but you don't have all day to sit here looking at them. :) 

Here's a few little tips when it comes to asking us about your engagement session:
- Don't feel bad about asking us to do some crazy stuff - we've done just about everything.
- If you do live far away - it's OK... we do travel. Geesh, we had one bridal meeting that we scheduled in Chicago. What an awesome couple they turned out to be!
- We love animals, so if you've got some you want to include in your session, great!!
- Just ask. We'll say yes. :)  

OK, so let's start with these few from last year with Jennifer and Eric. These two had initially not wanted to do a session, but changed their minds shortly before their wedding. I was so happy they did. Not only did we get some amazing images of these two in Congress Park in Saratoga Springs, but we got to know their personalities so much better before their big day last July. Here's a few favorites.





Now let me introduce Erin and Mike. We spent almost an entire day shooting these two. These guys live out in Elmira, NY and because of the distance between us we decided to meet them in the Finger Lakes to do their session. One of the places we went to was Watkins Glen, which is where the two photos below were taken. We hiked all the way to the top of the Glen (yep, carrying all our gear) and got so many fun photos. It was an awesome day. We can't wait to celebrate their wedding day this June at The Century House in Latham.



Here's Mark and Kristy. We photographed these two last year at the Schenectady Rose Garden. They included their dog Bella in a few photos - something I loved!! These two just tied the knot this month at Longfellows in Saratoga Springs. It was an awesome wedding! You can see a few of their teasers by clicking here (and make sure to like the page while you're there). Stay tuned for their blog, it's coming up very soon. 



Here's Piyali and Ken. These two came to our neck of the woods for their session, and I am so glad they did; we've got so many beautiful spots around here. There's a lot of great photos from this session, but for now, here's two favorites. Stay tuned for their wedding this June - we are really excited about it!!



Here are Mae and Kevin. They are an awesome couple and have such a great story about the journey of their relationship. They also just had their first baby together - we are so happy for them!! We shot their session in Washington Park in Albany.



Summer and Andrew are an awesome couple. We shot their engagement session in Congress Park last year. Last August they had their ceremony in the park itself and then the reception at the Canfield Casino. If you don't recognize this popular spot, it's one of the doors just outside the casino. This photo depicts them exactly - very serene and in love.


Chris and Holly had their wedding on the grounds of their beautiful home in Syracuse last August. It also happened to be the perfect place to shoot their engagement photos. Such a beautiful place and tons of great photo opportunities.  


I will end with these two photos of Laura and Larry. Laura wanted to do something very unique and different for her engagement photos. After some back and forth with ideas, we ended up going to The Standard Restaurant. We were able to capture a lot of very romantic moments. Definitely a fun shoot! 



Make sure you reach out to us about your engagement session! Congratulations to all the engaged couples out there!!

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