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Friday, August 03, 2018
By Jessica Painter Photography
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One of my favorite books is called "The Heaven of Animals" by Nancy Tillman. It's an excellent book for children but also so helpful for any adult who has ever lost a pet. The first time I read it I couldn't believe the tears streaming down my face. 

It starts like this: 

"With all of my heart, I believe it is true that there is a Heaven for animals, too.
Sometimes I think that they already know, all of the animals ... just where they'll go.
Haven't you noticed them drift off and stare, lift their soft noses, and gaze into air?
I think that maybe it's Heaven they see ... beyond what their wishes could wish it to be.

"When dogs get to Heaven, they're welcomed by name, and angels know every dog's favorite game. They race to the corners of Heaven and back, and everyone gets a turn leading the pack."

Another thing it says: "...when angels whisper in animal ears, it is your voice each animal hears."

I have chills just typing this. I am also fairly certain I have the entire book memorized. :)

Not only does the book talk about how animals in heaven but the angels throughout the book are all children. Being a parent now, that book has a meaning for me not just about the animals but also seeing those dear sweet children as angels in heaven. My husband Ed and I recently lost our Jack Russell Zipper to bone cancer - it was sudden and he went very fast. He had a very special place in my heart, and looking back now, I wish I had made time to have photos of he and I done together. Unfortunately, when we learned how sick he was, it was just too late. Zipper loved our daughter Charlotte, and I am so happy he is in Heaven, with all of the little children there to fill her shoes with him for a while. 

My good friend Jenn, of Jenn Moak Photography, recently found out that her pug Rainy has a large tumor in her liver and it's just a matter of time for this poor girl. Jenn asked if I would be willing to take some shots of her and Rainy to capture some of those special memories. I couldn't have been more honored that she asked me, not just because she's such a great friend, but also because she's a fellow photographer in the wedding and portrait industry. Oh, and who can forget her love for animals? She's an amazing dog momma and foster to many dogs in need of homes! 

We recently squeezed in a couple of hours during the warm evening light and captured what you see below... 

Jenn, my dear friend, thank you for trusting me to capture these images. I wish both you and Rainy much love and comfort during this hard time. My heart is with you. 

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Judy - Absolutely beautiful!
Tina - These are just heart ❤️ melting
Tammy Johnson - These pictures are amazing, I wish I had this opportunity before my sweet pug left me.
Jenn - OMG, Jess - thank you so much! My most beautiful girl, my pretty little poser, my heart dog - I absolutely love love LOVE the images!!!! Her favorite toys, her devoted brother, Rocky (same litter, too), her favorite activity of being brushed - every single one is absolutely beautiful and beyond special. I'm a friggin' mess over here, but I'm so so so happy I will have these to cherish forever. Thank-you doesn't seem to be enough. Sending love, gratitude and best of all, pug hugs. :)