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Friday, March 01, 2013
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It's very rare to say that you have a friend whose been with you since childhood. Those that do are truly blessed! Once you grow up, it's so easy to lose touch with old friends. Things change, people move, life takes it's course. It happens; we've all been there. But, then there are times that you can rekindle those friendships and things pick up just as they were once before. It's like you've never lost touch and the friendship is there like it was years ago. I'm really happy to say I am one of those lucky people.

Kelly and Jeffrey's wedding celebration at The West Mountain Inn in Arlington was an extra special one for me. See, I've known Kelly since our first day of Kindergarten when we wore the same Strawberry Shortcake dresses to school. I remember dancing to Madonna's "Vogue" in Kelly's bedroom when we were kids, going to a high school formal in mini-skirts and even the time we did a flute duet at a school recital and halfway through I couldn't stop laughing behind the music stand. OK, that last one was a little embarassing; I don't know what my problem was that day! :) I even have the photos to remember some of those days, although I won't be sharing them in this blog!!

To make a long story short, Kelly was a very great friend growing up and I'm so glad that in the last few year's we've reconnected. She has always been such a sweet and caring person, and it is great to see nothing has changed. If anything, she's become even more of an amazing person; if that was even possible! It was obvious to see how happy she was with Jeffrey. I love seeing people in love! They make a great couple, and I couldn't be happier for the two of them!

So needless to say it meant a lot to me when we touched base about her own wedding. She told me her and Jeff were tying the knot in Positano, Italy and then coming back to NY for a wedding celebration with friends and family. While Ed and I didn't make it to Italy for their nuptials, we did make it to the West Mountain Inn for an amazing celebration!! 

So let's get to the photos from that celebration; I know that's what you all are waiting for!

There were still a few signs of fall left...

Kelly and I went back and forth about some fun ideas her sister found on Pinterest. I loved the ideas, but I wanted to change them up a little so they fit our style a little better. We tossed some ideas back and forth about standing on books, and since Kelly has a passion for Winston Churchill, I suggested she find some old books by him. You'll see a few photos throughout the blog with these books. :)

The flowers had photos of two very special men in Kelly's life. Her beloved Grandfather and her handsome dog Winston.

I loved Kelly's dress! And the soft lighting in this room was perfect for some gorgeous shots - no flash needed in a space like this! 

Super cute!

Kelly is so gorgeous! Love the next few shots!

Kelly and I worked out the schedule so we had ample time to photograph her and Jeffrey. Since they had already tied the knot in Italy, we had lots of time to spare before their reception celebration started. And I'm glad we took the time, we got some really beautiful shots of these two. I could have photographed them all day! These two made our jobs way too easy! It was hard to narrow down my favorites...

I wanted to share a couple of family photos - the kids were really cute, and every time I look at these, I smile. So I'm guessing you will too. :)

Kelly's family is amazing! We had a lot of fun taking group photos, and I couldn't resist sharing this one. :) If you want to see more family photos, reach out to Kelly and Jeffrey - they will have their own private gallery through our site in a few days.

Time to get to the reception! There was a lot of fun details and amazing food to be enjoyed!

There was so much yummy goodness at this reception. The chef and his team at the West Mountain Inn are amazing! The chef's assistant, and a friend of ours, is about to open his own restaurant in April, so be sure to check it out. It's called Apropos 99 Bistro and is going to be on Main Street in Greenwich, NY. His cooking is amazing! (Fun side note: He is also married to an old friend of mine and Kelly's from high school.)

There was lots of great food at the reception, but I am only sharing this one because otherwise, you'll get too hungry and leave my blog! ;)

These cupcakes looked amazing! They were made by Kelly's amazing mother along with our former high school art teacher Chris Michel. Mrs. Michel was actually the first person to give me books on photography!

The reception was quite a celebration. Kelly's sisters did a wonderful toast about Kelly and her years before meeting Jeff. They had her nieces and nephews dressing up as a young Kelly. It was great!

I believe this part of the toast was about when Kelly and Jeff met... :)

Here's some fun candids! 

Kelly and Jeffrey had a friend who sang for them; her voice was amazing! Gave me chills.

I could keep going with this blog, but I am going to end with this next bunch. I love doing night shots, and these next two are no exception. Amazing couple + killer style = beautiful photos

Kelly and Jeffrey: Congrats again! Ed and I had such a great time being part of this day!! You two are a fabulous couple, and I am so happy we could share in your celebration! xxoo


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Alli - Wow! Gorgeous pictures of a most wonderful couple. Kelly makes the most stunning bride! Amazing memories captured of a fabulous day.
Nanette - Kelly and Jeff - absolutely awesome photos! The two of you look fabulous in all of them; love all of the poses. You obviously had
great photographers!